National Knowledge Exam® Prep Courses

CPHR Manitoba offers prep courses to assist in preparing you to write the National Knowledge Exam (NKE). 

Writers who take either the in-person or online prep course routinely achieve higher pass rates than those who do not take a prep course. 

November 2017 NKE statistics
National pass rate - 63% 
Manitoba pass rate - 73% 
Manitoba pass rate for writers who took the in-person prep course - 86%
Manitoba pass rate for writers who took the online Captus Press prep course - 83%

In Person

CPHR Manitoba offers a CPHR NKE Preparation Course in partnership with CPHR British Columbia & Yukon

This two-day course is designed to help participants consolidate the knowledge they already have and - more importantly - identify where they need to focus additional studying in order to be successful in completing this multiple-choice assessment. 

Exam writers in Manitoba who participated in the in-person prep course were 23% more likely to pass the November 2017 NKE than the National pass rate. 

Next In-Person Prep Course

March 3 & 4, 2018    Register Here


Captus Press

CPHR Manitoba has partnered with Captus Press Inc. to offer an online prep course for the NKE. 


Captus Online Course Includes:

  • 29 hours of multimedia instruction 
  • A diagnostic test to help you set up a study plan 
  • 4 complete practice exams 
  • A content expert available to answer all your questions in a discussion board 

Click image above for more information and to register 



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CPHR Competency Framework

*Please note that CPHR Manitoba does not ensure that the indicated competencies will be covered in the course material.


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