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Western Canada and Manitoba HR Trends Report (Spring 2017) released today

March 21, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: CPHR Manitoba

In November 2016, HR professionals from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia were invited to participate in the Western Canada HR Trends Survey. This survey has resulted in the production of two reports for CPHR Manitoba members: the Western Canada HR Trends Report and the Manitoba HR Trends Report.

These reports are tools for HR practitioners and departments in Manitoba to make informed decisions with reliable information on what is occurring in Manitoba's workplaces. Good labour market information can help human resources practitioners make better decisions in giving human resources advice to their stakeholders. CPHR Manitoba has commissioned this report to help fill the labour information void for our members and to discover industry benchmarks that can help human resources professionals make better talent management decisions.


The cost of turnover is increasing. The average cost of processing an employee turnover has increased from $17,000 to $21,000. The cost increases as the size of an organization increases. This cost includes the time of the HR team, working with recruiters, severance, separation pay, the interview process and assorted regulatory requirements. The top actions to reduce turnover remain the same as in the previous report, with the top response being “better on-boarding” and “flexible work arrangements”. With the top two responses being non-monetary, employers clearly believe that improving hiring practices and listening to employees’ needs will set the employee up to succeed.    


Almost one quarter of organizations in Manitoba utilize external HR Consultants, with medium-sized organizations being the most likely to use these services. The most common reason cited for using the services of an external HR consultant for all sizes of organizations was “access to specialized and expert knowledge to contribute to a specific project”. 

Only 16% of respondents believe their organization has a gender wage gap. Respondents employed in large organizations are more likely to believe that a gender wage gap exists in their organization. A “company commitment to increase the number of women in senior leadership roles” was the most cited way that a company could improve pay equity.   

You can find full copies of the reports here:
Manitoba HR Trends Report
Western Canada HR Trends Report - Infographic
Western Canada HR Trends Report

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