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How Well is Your ‘Business Vehicle’ Running?

May 23, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: CPHR Manitoba

Exclusive online extended version of Spring 2017 issue of HRmatters 

Authored by: Shannon Russell, Awareness Educator, BodyMind Freedom Solutions;

People are the framework and driving force behind all businesses. How well our business is performing is a reflection of how well our employees are functioning both personally and professionally. When employees are healthy, happy and successful – our business is healthy, happy and successful. How strong is the driving force of your business? Is your business reaching its full potential?

Here is an interesting scenario for you to consider…

Imagine a car. What does it look like? When you have a car, you want to be able to move forward and go places in it, right? What is the point of owning a car if it can’t actually take you anywhere? In order for that car to move forward it needs more than a good looking outer frame, don’t you think?

Next, picture all the pieces, parts, systems and connections that are needed within a car so that it can move you down the road. It needs every one of those components in order to run efficiently. Of course, you could always just choose the basics and piece together a jalopy that would clunk its way down the road… but how many people (including yourself) would want to ride in that thing? No - you want to create a well made, well maintained beauty of a car to ride around in. You want it to look good and run well, don’t you?

Now, imagine that the car is your business. Is it sleek, well designed and well maintained inside and out - or are you clunking around in a jalopy with pieces and parts that are barely functional within it?

What I have learned is that there are 2 main factors that contribute to what kind of ‘business vehicle’ you are riding around in. The business foundation and structure that has been created and the employees that make your business run. You need both to succeed, wouldn’t you agree? You need a well-designed frame to support the inner workings and you need the inner workings functioning smoothly so that you can get to where you desire to go.

Without both of these aspects operating to the best of their ability, you are likely not reaching the full potential of your business. You are likely only getting part way to your desired destination. Imagine setting off for the sandy beaches of California, but your vehicle runs out of steam and falls apart on a lonely stretch of road somewhere in Wyoming. What a let down, what a disappointment.

The point of this comparison is that you need people to uphold the foundation and framework and you need people to be the pieces, parts, systems and connections within the business. Without people who are engaged, inspired, healthy, happy and productive, you are sure to end up stranded on that lonely stretch of road in Wyoming at some point – and well short of your desired destination.

So, if people are the internal and external parts of the business vehicle, then why don’t businesses simply bring in what is needed to ensure everyone is engaged, inspired, healthy, happy and productive? Is it fear of losing money? Is it rigid and outdated points of view? Are there feelings of not enough time and energy to make improvements? Do employees come to work with personal distractions and past experiences affecting them that aren’t even work related? Is it the stress of not knowing where to start or what to do to make improvements? I am guessing that you may be answering an emphatic YES to all of these questions.

So, what is the answer? What can be done? Where do we begin?

I would begin by engraining this message into the windshield of your business vehicle as a guideline to follow as you work towards reaching your destination:

Our personal life is not separate from our work. Our health is not separate from our work. What we desire to achieve in life is not separate from what we desire to achieve at work. Our work is not separate from any facet of our life. Everything flows into and out of everything else. Everything and everyone is intertwined with each other.

There are very few people who were taught as children how to become healthy, happy and successful. We don’t know how because our parents, educators and peers didn’t know how. Yet it is what we all desire to attain.

The majority of people do not know how to achieve this quest on our own. We often have the desire to make improvements, but we do not have the knowledge, understanding or tools HOW to accomplish this feat.

People need skills and guidance with life; not just with work. We all need to continue to learn and grow as human beings, not just as employees learning the tasks that we have been hired to do. Life is work and work is life. There is no separation between the two. When your people are healthy, happy and successful – your business is healthy, happy and successful.

Would you like to reach your destination in a beautiful vehicle that looks good, runs well and adapts to whatever conditions you encounter along the way? Well then, you must create an innovative foundation and framework and strive to educate and inspire all the pieces and parts that keep you moving in the direction you desire. Don’t you agree? 

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