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Please note: This call for presenters is for general CPHR Manitoba programming. If you are interested in the conference Call for Presenters, please click here.


The German poet and dramatist Hebbel once said, "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” CPHR Manitoba not only believes in the passion of our members, but we also believe that presenters must be passionate about their sessions and topics.

Connecting our members and the general public to educational seminars, workshops, and presentations that will develop their skills and competence is a key to their personal and professional success. Equipped with this enhanced knowledge, our participants can better approach challenges and opportunities of the future with confidence and offer relevant leadership in their organizations’ people practices.

If you’d like to become a presenter for CPHR Manitoba, please read our Call for Presenters and contact:

Laura Haines-Morrissette
Director of Marketing, Partnerships & Membership

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Manitoba (CPHR Manitoba)
1810-275 Portage Avenue / Winnipeg, Manitoba / R3B 2B3
tel. 204.943.2836 / fax. 204.943.1109 / email.

For additional information please visit: CPHR.CA

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