Continuing Professional Development Audit

Continuing Professional Development Audit

In conjunction with the national requirements as established by CPHR Canada, CPHR Manitoba is required to perform an annual audit of 3% of CPHR members for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. Audits are conducted to ensure the integrity and standard of professionalism reflected in the granting of the CPHR designation. It is important to retain your supporting documentation for all entries claimed for CPD hours for five (5) years after they have occurred. You will be notified by mail if selected for a CPHR Continuing Professional Development Audit.  

If audited, a CPHR holder must provide supporting documents for all CPD hours gained in the previous three (3) year period to the CPD Audit Committee within 30 days. The audit will verify both the minimum 100 hour requirement for the previous three (3) years as well as the minimum twenty (20) hour annual requirement. It is important to retain documents relating to professional development activities. These include the original description of the program and confirmation of completion issued by the activity sponsor, payment receipts or outcome reports. These documents must be supplied in hard copy. Each entry in your online log will accept an attachment as proof of the activity. You can use this feature as a back-up for proof of your activity.

The CPHR designation may be revoked if the CPHR member is unable to satisfy the audit criteria.

Audit Tips

1. Keep your supporting documents organized. Be proactive in thinking about possible changes. For example, you may change jobs and no longer have access to files stored.

2. Save supporting documentation beyond the 20 and 100-hour CPD minimums.

3. Upload supporting documentation at the time you upload each entry. This will ensure you have digital records of the backup for each activity.

4. it is a good idea to establish a list of references with phone numbers and email addresses. If you are chosen for an audit, your references will need to validate your CPD supporting documentation. You will be contacted first to seek permission prior to any contact being made with a reference.

5. You must be able to validate how many hours you claimed in your log. Track time for all activities and maintain documentation that will prove your hours. 

To view a list of acceptable supporting documentation, download the CPD Audit Worksheet here

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