Categories & Fees 2020-2021

Membership Year
June 1 to May 31 

Purchase an annual membership or renew your annual membership by May 31 to be entered to win a FREE REGISTRATION to the 2020 CPHR Manitoba HR Conference (membership dues must be paid in full by May 31 in order to qualify).

Membership Categories & Fees
For detailed descriptions of each member category, click here

CPHR      $565.00 + GST 
FCPHR $565.00 + GST 
CPHR Candidate  $440.00 + GST 
Regular $330.00 + GST
Associate  $330.00 + GST
Student  $72.00 + GST 
FCPHR-Retired/CPHR-Retired          $72.00 + GST 
Regular Retired $72.00 + GST
Honourary  $0.00 
Life  $0.00 


It is CPHR Manitoba’s policy that dues will increase annually based on Statistics Canada’s Consumer Price Index for Manitoba. As well, CPHR Manitoba reviews member dues on an annual basis.

Special Message: Membership Renewal & COVID-19

Membership renewal is payable by May 31, 2020 in accordance with CPHR Manitoba Bylaw 3. However, due to the circumstances of COVID-19, we understand that timely renewal payments may be challenging for some members and employers. If you require an extension payment plan, please contact Stephanie Smith at

Late Renewal Fees

A $50 Late Renewal Fee will apply to all members who renew and/or pay after May 31. This fee will be included in your transaction.

CPHRs and CPHR Candidates who have not renewed and paid for their membership by May 31 will have their status revoked. Should an application for reinstatement be approved, you will be required to pay a Late Renewal Fee as well as a Reinstatement Fee.

Member Directory
Please ensure you update your online profile upon renewing your membership to verify that the information you provide in the "Professional Information" section is accurate. This information will appear in your listing in CPHR Manitoba’s member directory. 

How to Renew
Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to renew.

Please note
There are two options for payment: 

Bill me – to receive an invoice by email and pay by cheque

  • If you select the “Bill Me” option in the payment process, full payment must be received by CPHR Manitoba by May 31. If payment is not received by May 31 your membership will be suspended and a late fee of $50 will apply to reactivate your membership.

Credit card – Visa Credit card or MasterCard (Visa Debit will not be accepted)

  • It is imperative that the billing address you enter be the same as the credit card's billing address. This is a security process for the bank which we cannot over-ride. If you use two different addresses your card will be charged at the time of purchase and the transaction will be reversed by the bank after 3-5 business days.

(you will be redirected to the log in page for your online profile)

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For additional information please visit: CPHR.CA

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