CPHR Manitoba has a multitude of committees that are regularly looking for fresh new faces. Whether you are looking to share your knowledge and experience, garner new skills, or simply be part of an exciting collaboration, CPHR Manitoba would love to have you as part of our team.

CPHR Manitoba's current committees are as follows:

Board Committees - Board committees report directly to the Board of Directors. Click on each committee to see the Terms of Reference for that committee.

Staff Committees - Staff committees are committees that are managed and report back to CPHR Manitoba staff. Click on each committee to see the Terms of Reference for that committee.

Throughout the year, CPHR Manitoba sends out notifications via our e-newsletter and other electronic communications (emails and Twitter) – be sure to subscribe to all of these so you know when new postings become available. If you are an CPHR Manitoba member, check out our Volunteer Postings page where all current volunteer opportunities are located. Send us your resume and cover letter so we can place you in the best possible position to suit your strengths and goals. Please note: Most volunteer openings occur in late summer/early fall so be sure to keep an eye on the newsletter in August/September.

CPHR Manitoba volunteers are a hard-working, fun-loving community of people who generously donate their time, energy, and creativity so that our Association continues to be forward thinking and representative of Manitoba in the global HR world. Don’t be shy – get involved today and see why so many of our members are long-term volunteers. Once you start, you might find that you just can’t stop!

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For additional information please visit: CPHR.CA

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