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Business + People

In today’s business world, standing still is the equivalent of falling behind. It is people, the tools and skills they have, and the relationships among them, that keep business advancing.

Business + People is about learning and innovation. Business leaders and career strategists know that being comfortable usually means you’re vulnerable, and only continual growth and learning keeps businesses and careers moving forward.

Business + People is about accountability. Being able to count on one another to get things done. It is about striving for excellence in complex and diverse environments. It recognizes that there is no end point, no final resolution, only the continual pursuit of excellence, and victories along the way, which makes coming to work truly exciting.

Business + People is about trust - the all-important factor for all stakeholders. Trust in organizations is about alignment, when everyone knows where you’re going and moving in the same direction, so staff, clients and customers know what to expect and can trust that it will be delivered, every time.

Business + People recognizes that people can only be at their best and offer their strongest contributions to advance their careers and the organization when they are well. This relates to each of us being more effective, more efficient and more humane. It is about balancing career aspirations, designed to give us a good life, with having a good life.

Business + People speaks to the diversity of humanity and creating workplaces that support and include everyone.

Business + People is about the business of people and the metrics and analytics that support sound decision-making for business success. It positions HR practitioners as business people, taking an equal and objective strategic position at the boardroom table with finance, risk management, operations, legal and other ‘business’ people.

Finally, Business + People is about HR Professionals coming together and sharing the tools and insights to advance their own careers, taking opportunities to network and engaging in professional development that keeps them current and strengthens their roles as experts in their workplace. 


About the 2018 Conference

Overall conference satisfaction rating from delegates at the 2018 conference: 92%

Who attended the conference?
82% of attendees were members of CPHR Manitoba 

82% of attendees said that being at the conference helped them establish personal and professional contacts

86% of attendees said that the conference addressed the latest developments in HR

89% of attendees gained some new ideas on ways to better do their job

85% of attendees said they would return to their job with renewed enthusiasm

2018 attendees would recommend other HR professionals attend the conference because...

"As a non-HR professional I was able to learn so much about employees, leaders and human interaction that I found so much useful information in so many of the presentations."

"It is a great networking opportunity and offers a good variety of topics for all career levels."

"I always leave energized with ideas to bring back to my workplace."

"It is a great opportunity to step out of the whirlwind for a minute and learn about some new ideas for old challenges. New ideas come from speakers, vendors, meeting new people at lunch - it's an environment that nurtures innovation and creativity -  a great opportunity to listen and think beyond the confines of the current 'to do' list."
Additional comments from attendees:

"This was my first time at the conference, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I very much enjoyed the speakers and all the breakout sessions. I felt stimulated and rejuvenated with information to go back to my workplace with."

"It was a wonderful first time experience overall."

I was rewoke! [The conference] revitalized me to return to work!"

"Overall, a very well put together conference. I enjoyed my two days immensely."


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