HR Conference 2020 Overview

CPHR Manitoba's HR Conference 2020     |     October 14 & 15, 2020

Society is becoming more and more complex. In response, some people are looking to science and technology to address challenges and provide definitive direction, while others are looking for simplicity and meaning in their personal lives and in their work.

At the same time, the diversification of our population is opening our minds to cultural and wisdom traditions from around the world. In many cases, people are learning more about acceptance, inclusion, leadership, community engagement and teamwork at work, than they are elsewhere. The people they meet at work may be challenging their existing stereotypes and schemas, and what they learn at work often translates to home, family and community.

Many of today’s workplaces have direct influence over more people than some of the more traditional societal guides, like governments and religions. In this way, employers and HR practitioners are actively shaping Canada’s culture, one employer, one employee at a time.

This theme supports HR professionals in claiming this role; recognizing their influence and using it thoughtfully to create a culture that supports all people.

It opens room for all ideas and approaches. It challenges the premise that one approach holds more inherent value than another.

High impact ideas can come from anywhere - and are more likely to arise from a wide range of perspectives.




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