Professional Conduct

Complaints Regarding the Code of Ethics:

If a member of CPHR Manitoba or member of the public believes that an active member of CPHR Manitoba has committed a breach of the CPHR Manitoba Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct they can make a formal complaint to the Professional Conduct Committee of CPHR Manitoba care of the CPHR Manitoba CPHR Registrar. All complaints must be in writing and should be forwarded to:

CPHR Manitoba
Attention: CPHR Registrar
1810 – 275 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3B 2B3

The statement of complaint should clearly and precisely set out the following information:

  • The complainant's full name and contact information
  • The name of the member(s) being complained about
  • A description of the problem and the alleged breech of the CPHR Manitoba Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct 
  • The date(s) on which the events occurred
  • The name(s) and contact information of anyone else who may be able to provide further information
  • Whether the complaint is or has been filed with any official legal body

If a complaint is accepted, a copy of the complaint will be sent to the CPHR Manitoba member for response as part of the investigation. 

For detailed information about the complaints process, click here

For the full CPHR Manitoba Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct, click here

If you have questions about the complaints process, please contact the Registrar at 204-943-0884.

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Manitoba (CPHR Manitoba)
1810-275 Portage Avenue / Winnipeg, Manitoba / R3B 2B3
tel. 204.943.2836 / fax. 204.943.1109 / email.

For additional information please visit: CPHR.CA

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