Strategic Plan

CPHR Manitoba's


The mission is the "why" of an organization; its reason for being. The mission of CPHR Manitoba is:

Advancing the Human Resource Profession


A vision statement provides a view in the future and broadly sets out what the organization wishes to accomplish. CPHR Manitoba's vision is:

There is wide acceptance by all stakeholders that CPHRs positively impact leadership, employees, organizational health and organizational performance. There is increased demand for CPHRs in all organizations. The CPHR designation is highly desired by students, human resources practitioners and the business community. CPHR Manitoba influences government, the business communities and its members. The CPHR designation and the profession are synonymous.

Strategic Plan:

CPHR Manitoba's Board has approved a new strategic plan for the association. The strategic plan is based on three pillars:

  1. Promote the CPHR brand
  2. Support CPHR development
  3. Foster public confidence in CPHRs

These pillars will guide the long-term direction for the organization and service as the foundation for annual business plans going forward.

The overview of the Strategic Plan can be found on the website here.

We hope you take the time to read it through and share your comments and questions with us at


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