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The HR Profession - Changes Continue

August 6, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Laura Haines
The HR Profession -
Changes Continue

Many of you have heard by now that the HRPA (Ontario's HR Association) has withdrawn its participation from the CCHRA (Canadian Council of Human Resource Associations). On the surface this may appear to be a serious loss and potentially detrimental to the HR profession nationally; however, when you take a broader view and gather more information, there are other perspectives to consider.

For example, did you know that each province is regulated provincially and falls clearly under provincial jurisdiction? Each provincial association on its own has the right to grant the CHRP designation to its members. What does this mean? It means that the national body (CCHRA) - no matter how instrumental in providing opportunities for networking, reviewing best practices, and considering appropriate standards - has no jurisdiction over granting the designation provincially. In theory the CCHRA, under its present model, could create a national standard but it would require the full approval of all provinces for it to actually be a national standard. Quebec has already created its own standards and has succeeded in becoming Self-Regulated and now Ontario is doing the same thing. This is because the awarding of the CHRP is a provincial matter and falls clearly under provincial jurisdiction.

Provinces have agreed, in principle, on the basic standards that an HR Professional should meet in order to be granted the CHRP designation; however, as each province determines the need for self-regulation, they will be required to work locally within their own province to improve standards and meet the rigorous requirements for self-regulation.

Is it possible that Ontario has stepped back from the CCHRA in order to focus on the rigorous requirements it now faces as a self-regulated body? Ontario has indicated that they may return to the CCHRA at some point in the future but that for now their focus is on meeting the requirements that they now face as a self-regulated body. One might argue that this is important progress for the designation and the profession.

One of the primary concerns that provincially regulated professions must consider is the mutual recognition of their designation from province to province. As much as this may be a concern, it is also a significant opportunity. It means that as each province raises their standards and eventually becomes self-regulated, other provinces will need to follow, especially if they wish their HR professionals to be mutually recognized between provinces.

So yes, there are lots of changes taking place across the country and each provincial association is working diligently to determine how they will choose to move forward in the coming years. In the fall of 2013, the Board of Directors of HRMAM spent 2 1/2 days in strategic planning. At the centre of our new strategic plan is a key initiative to become self-regulated within the next five years. Although this is a major undertaking, it is believed to be very realistic as well as completely necessary to continue to move the profession forward. Continuing to build credibility and integrity is crucial and at the centre of this is improved standards and eventually self-regulation.

HRMAM participates in and supports the CCHRA but we also recognize its limitations and clearly understand that the responsibilities lie within the provincial body. Our goal is to work diligently over the coming years to seek best practices, monitor and understand what other provinces are doing relating to standards and self-regulation and, most importantly, ensure that Manitoba does not fall behind in ensuring high standards that will meet or exceed those of other provinces including Ontario.


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