Self-Regulation - Overview

In March 2014, CPHR Manitoba announced our 2014-2019 strategic plan which will guide the organization over the next five years. One of the core goals of this plan is to become self-regulated by 2019. But what does that mean? In an effort to help our members and the public understand self-regulation and what it may mean for HR professionals, we have set up a section on our website devoted to the topic of Self-Regulation.

At present, our goal is to educate members and the public as to what self-regulation is and start a dialogue with members as we travel the path towards self-regulation.

Here you will find an FAQ, which will provide a high-level overview about Self-Regulation. For more in-depth knowledge, we would encourage you to also check out our Resources page. More information will be added as we receive feedback from members and as we move through the process to becoming self-regulated. 

What can you find on our FAQ page?


General Self-Regulation Questions

What is professional Self-Regulation?

Who has jurisdiction?

What does it mean to protect the public interest?

When would a government be more likely to regulate professions?

What is the difference between regulation and licensure?

What is the difference between professional association and professional regulatory body?

What is a dual-object professional organization?

When might there be a conflict between mandates?

What does it mean to be a member of a regulated profession?

What constitutes a Profession?


CPHR Manitoba & Self-Regulation Questions

Is CPHR Manitoba currently a professional association or professional regulatory body?

Why pursue self-regulation?

What are the benefits of self-regulation to an HR professional?

What has CPHR Manitoba done so far?

What are the next steps?

Will this mean more changes to the CPHR designation?

There are three levels of regulation. Which are we pursuing?

How will Self-regulation affect those HR practitioners who are not CPHRs?


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