Self-Regulation - Overview

An Open Letter to our Members:

As you probably know, CPHR Manitoba has an application before government for the Self-regulation of the Human Resources profession that will strengthen our ability to protect employers, employees and our economy during these times of fast-paced and complex change.

In Canada, Ontario and Quebec have regulated their HR professions. As of this date, CPHR Alberta is actively communicating with their provincial government; the Saskatchewan Government has draft legislation underway; and all the other Provinces and Territories are moving toward the same goal. Collectively and individually, we are moving forward and broadening our communication with government, business and industry, our post-secondary education partners and, you, our members, to support our application.

Our submission for Self-regulation is strong and contains a great deal of evidence to support the need for Regulated CPHRs in protecting the public. Click here to view our full submission for Self-regulation.

As CPHR Manitoba members, you may be asked what Self-regulation means and what impacts it will have on the profession and on employers.

Right now, our National Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct governs our profession and the CPHR Designation.

Self-regulation is Provincial legislation that gives CPHRs the authority to uphold best HR practice in Manitoba workplaces  - this is similar to the way other professions such as accountants, lawyers, and engineers must uphold their standards to maintain their designations.

And in much the same way, it becomes the legal responsibility of the CPHR to ensure that these standards are maintained in their workplaces.

This provides greater leverage for you as a CPHR to fulfill your role and provide greater confidence to employers and employees that CPHRs have the systems and measures in place that allow them to focus on their business and career goals.

With Self-regulation, the CPHR designation becomes a stronger and clearer seal of trust. The public, employers and employees can be confident that CPHRs in Manitoba workplaces are held to the highest standard of HR practice in the country.

The key difference is that organizationally and individually, we will be responsible for the reasonable protection of the public. Therefore, the public will have the ability to report complaints or inquiries to CPHR Manitoba for resolution.

And as practicing CPHR, you will have the legal authority and the responsibility to uphold the national standards in your workplaces, as does a CPA or a lawyer.

In terms of advancing the credibility and respect of the HR profession overall and the CPHR designation specifically, this legislation will be a great stride forward. We see it as a key piece in advancing all our goals, which in return helps to advance each of our careers.

We invite you to take a moment to review our two communications pieces that we are distributing to legislators, business leaders and our post-secondary education partners: our ‘HR Today’ magazine mock-up that features HR related headlines drawn from actual recent Manitoba media outlets; and ‘Business Forward’ which describes the reasons for Self-regulation and demonstrates the support of Manitoba’s business leaders.

These pieces demonstrate four critical points:

1)     With Self-regulation, the HR profession and CPHR designation becomes stronger. The public, employers and employees can be confident that HR Professionals in Manitoba workplaces are held to the highest standard of HR practice in the country in dealing with issues such as employment & labour standards, occupational health & safety and human rights legislation, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, wellness and mental health.  

2)     The Self-regulation of CPHR Manitoba will not cost government or industry any money; and in fact can save time and money for government and employers.

3)     Self-regulation has the support of Manitoba’s business leaders, the Chamber of Commerce and Post-secondary Education.

4)     CPHR Manitoba and provincial associations across Canada are moving toward Self-regulation as the means to help protect employers and employees interests by ensuring members of CPHR Manitoba uphold ethical and best HR practice in Manitoba workplaces.

Both communications pieces can be found in our Resources page.

We hope you can take a moment to look through the information, and if there's anything here you would like to discuss, please contact us at

We are all working together to keep Manitoba economically dynamic, through the health and success of our workplaces.




 Janice Harper, CPHR                                                     Ron Gauthier
Chair, CPHR Manitoba                                                   CEO/CPHR Registrar
Executive Vice President Human Resources                CPHR Manitoba           
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