Maintaining Your CPHR Designation

As a CPHR, you represent the standard of quality in human resources practice in Manitoba and Canada. 

There are three requirements that a CPHR must meet in order to maintain their designation:

1. Advance and expand your professional knowledge and practice across the competency areas, throughout your career, by meeting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements each year. For more information on the CPD requirements click here

2. Adhere to CPHR Manitoba's Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct

CPHR Manitoba has updated the Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct to include the Good Character Attestation (GCA). Each year at renewal, you will be asked to confirm whether you've notified CPHR Manitoba of any changes to your Good Character Attestation questions since your membership application or your last membership renewal. If you had changes and did not inform us of those changes, you will need to contact the CPHR Program Manager as soon as possible. Any information received from members related to the GCA will be safeguarded and not distributed in any way.

Failing to pass the Good Character Attestation does not prevent reinstatement in the association. Depending on the gravity of the matter, the Registrar determines at that point in time whether an applicant or member passes the good character test. As circumstances change and applicants or members are able to present a convincing case that their good character has changed or improved, then a new decision can be made. For more information about the GCA, click here.

3. Maintain a membership with your provincial association. With CPHR Manitoba, annual renewal is required by May 31st each year.

Certification can be revoked if you fail to meet the above listed requirements.



The Fellow CPHR award is a prestigious honourary award that recognizes members who have made exemplary contributions to the profession. The FCHRP recognizes leadership, outstanding achievement and exceptional contribution to the profession. For more information on the FCPHR click here


Policies and Forms 

CPHR Transfer  

The CPHR designation is recognized across North America and assures employers, clients and other HR professionals that a CPHR has committed to abide by the CPHR Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct. If you choose to move to another province, territory or state and practice HR, you can transfer your designation.

For more information about transferring and maintaining your CPHR designation, click here.


When you attain your Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation, you establish yourself as one of the highest ranking and skilled professionals in HR. You also represent the HR profession and the Canadian CPHR designation granting HR associations to which you belong. As a CPHR, certification can be revoked. 

For more information on the revocation criteria, click here

Leave of Absence 

CPHR holders who are granted maternity or disability leave from their workplace are entitled to apply for and receive an extension for completing Continuing Professional Development hours. For maternity leaves, the extension granted will be equivalent to any length of time up to the lesser of the total length of the leave granted or 18 months.

Requests for a leave of absence must be made prior to the commencement of the leave. Retroactive leaves will not be approved. 

For more information on requesting a LOA click here.

SHRM Designation

The SHRM Certification Pathway is a series of steps that eligible CPHR members can complete in order to obtain SHRM credentials. Click here to learn more.

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