Continuing Professional Development Overview

Maintaining Your CPHR

All CPHR designation holders should engage in a variety of professional development activities to maintain currency in the HR profession. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) represents an ongoing commitment to your career in human resources and is required in order to ensure you keep abreast of changes in the field. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) signifies continued mastery of the CPHR Competency Framework, which outlines 44 discipline-specific professional competencies. 


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirement 

CPD hours must be submitted by May 31 each year with the required minimum CPD hours to maintain the CPHR designation. 


Three-Year Cumulative 60 Hours

CPHRs must earn a minimum of 60 hours of CPD activities in any consecutive three (3) year window. By May 31 of each year, 60 hours must have been accumulated in the previous three (3) years. For the next year, the oldest of the three (3) years will be discarded and you will need to accumulate enough hours to reach 60 hours for that previous three (3) year period (with a minimum of 10 hours in any given year). We recommend working towards 20 hours each year in order to stay ahead. Failure to meet the CPD requirements through the annual reporting process will result in revocation.  Overall CPD activities must link to a minimum of three of the 14 functional and enabling competencies of the CPHR Framework.   


Why do we use an annual reporting process?

You are certified for life once you attain the CPHR designation. With an annual reporting process, CPHRs demonstrate their commitment to growing their competence and professional capabilities in order to maintain the CPHR designation.


Online Reporting

The online reporting system can be accessed through your member profile at Adding your activities is now easier than ever. For a step by step tutorial on how to add your activities to the online log, click here.


Earning CPD Hours

For the purposes of meeting the CPD requirements through professional development activities, individuals should consult the CPD Summary of Qualifying Activities. This document outlines development categories, types of activities that fall within each category and maximum allowable hours for each category.

All activities must be entered into the online reporting system in your member profile. Acceptable CPD activities can include ongoing learning, both formal and informal; leadership activities, volunteer activities; academic research or publications; and significant work projects.

You should aim to earn beyond the 10 and 60 CPD hour minimums. You must be able to validate the hours you are claiming for all the activities listed in the log.

CPHR Manitoba offers opportunities to earn Continuing Professional Development hours by attending our professional development events (see Calendar) and/or volunteering on CPHR Manitoba committees. Professional Development events run by CPHR Manitoba will automatically populate as an online entry in your log for all CPHR members that attend. Attendance will be verified at each event and will appear in your log once the event has taken place. Members must register themselves under their own profile for all events in order to have CPHR Manitoba event entries automatically added. CPHR members registered under a "Group" registration will need to manually add these entries.  

Additionally, CPHR Manitoba offers webinars through a partnership with CPHR BC & Yukon (see Calendar for upcoming webinars) and a Professional Mentorship Program (see Professional Mentorship Program) among other things as ways to earn CPD hours.

At CPHR Manitoba, we are committed to building the strategic capability and organizational impact of HR Practitioners, and providing value to our members. To further support CPD needs of our growing population of CPHRs, and in recognition of the quality of some of the HR professional development programs offered throughout Manitoba, we introduced the CPHR Manitoba Accreditation Program in 2013. All approved events in the program guarantee participants CPD hours. To learn more or to view a full list of accredited partners, click here.

Reminder: PD events are not the only way to earn CPD hours. Please consult the CPD Summary of Qualifying Activities for more information.


Leaves of Absence/Maternity Leave

CPHR holders who are granted maternity or disability leave from their workplace for a period of time equal to or greater than six (6) months are entitled to apply for and receive an extension for completing Continuing Professional Development hours. The extension granted will be equivalent to the length of the leave granted or one (1) year. 

Applications for extension must be accompanied by written confirmation from the workplace of the type and term of leave granted. In the case of self-employed members, confirmation from a physician is required in lieu of an employer confirmation. Please email your request to Additional leave can be granted at the discretion of the provincial association.

Requests for a leave of absence must be made prior to the commencement of the leave. Retroactive leaves will not be approved. 

Applications for extension must be accompanied by written confirmation from the workplace or a physician of the type and term of leave granted. Additional leave can be granted at the discretion of the Registrar. 

Where a leave of absence is granted, the three year period in which you need to obtain 60 CPD hours will restart upon your return to work (i.e. you will be required to obtain 60 CPD hours by May 31 of the year closest to your return to work date, maintaining the minimum 10 hour requirement for each of the three (3) years).

Your online CPD log must be up to date prior to applying for a leave of absence.

A member who has been granted a leave of absence will not be allowed to use the CPHR designation during the leave of absence period. 

To download the form, please click here.



Please keep original receipts and supporting documentation, as CPHR Manitoba is required to audit three percent (3%) of all CPHR members annually. To read more about the audit process click here.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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