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National Salary Survey Results Revealed

February 14, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: CPHR Manitoba
CPHR Manitoba is pleased to announce the results of the 2016 National Salary Survey
CPHR designated members in Manitoba earn more than their non-designated counterparts ($87,000 vs $68,000), one in five (19%) members earn $100,000 or more and two in five (43%) members who have worked in HR for 5 years or longer have seen a salary increase of 20% or more. These are just a few of the findings from the fall National Salary Survey conducted by CPHR Canada, CPHR Manitoba and the other member associations of CPHR Canada
The objectives of this study were to identify and measure:
  • HR salaries, benefits, and other compensation;
  • Job responsibilities;
  • Acquisition and benefit of all CPHR designation;
  • Professional development activities
Overall, the national response rate was 14.3% while CPHR Manitoba saw a response rate of 32.9%. The salary study was conducted in October 2016

Most members tend to be female and full-time employees:
  • A typical CPHR Manitoba member is a salaried full-time employee (88%), who has worked in the human resources field for 10 years or longer (average of 12.9 years).
    • The average amount of time employed by their current company is 6.2 years, with 3.8 years in their current position.
    • A strong majority of CPHR Manitoba members are women (81%). The average age is 42 years, with the majority (59%) aged 35 to 54 years, and just over one-quarter (28%) under the age of 35.
    • Most (73%) focus entirely on human resources and related functions in their current position, although over one-quarter (27%) have responsibilities outside HR.
Most feel they are fairly compensated for their work
  • Over three-quarters (78%) of members agree that they feel fairly compensated for their work.
  • The average annual base salary for CPHR Manitoba members before taxes is $77,748
    • Just over half (52%) earn $60,000 to less than $100,000; one-in-five (19%) earn $100,000 or more; and just under three-in-ten (28%) earn less than $60,000.
    • Among those who have worked in HR for five years or longer, two-in-five (43%) have seen a salary increase of 20% or more
CPHR members benefit from obtaining the CPHR
  • Of those members not currently designated most (83%) plan to obtain the CPHR in the future OR are currently a CPHR Candidate
  • Only a small number of members (8%) do not plan on obtaining the designation. Most commonly cited reasons were:
    • Does not see a need for it
    • Do not have a degree - this despite new paths available to those who do not have a degree.
    • The majority (68%) of those with a CPHR agree that the designation has benefited their career, and the study confirms that those with a CPHR receive a number of advantages, including being significantly more likely to receive:
      • Higher annual income; and
      • Higher value from other benefits
      • CPHRs earn on average $87,000 vs the $68,000 non-CPHRs earn
Most members spend time and money on professional development
  • Nearly all CPHR Manitoba members (92%) have spent time on personal professional development in the past year, and a strong majority (93%) have spent (or their organization has spent) money on their development. How much time? On average, members spent just under 95 hours on professional development in the last year.
CPHR Manitoba members tend to work for mid to large size organizations
  • Most members (72%) work for organizations with 200 or more Canadian employees, including over two-in-five (44%) who work for larger organizations of 1,000 employees or more. Over half (57%) work for organizations with five or more employees in their HR department
  • Half (48%) of members work for private organizations, over one-third (36%) are public employees, and one-in-seven (14%) work for non-profits.
For more information on the methodology and additional results, please see the full Manitoba report here and the National report here

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