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CPHR Manitoba’s Board Chair shares expertise on ‘War for Talent’ at MBiz Breakfast Series Event

December 11, 2018  

CPHR Manitoba sponsored and played a valuable role in the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce MBiz Breakfast Series event, hosted at The Delta on December 11, 2018. Business leaders gathered for the unveiling of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce’s first-ever Manitoba Business Outlook Survey, which covered extensive ground on the current challenges and reservations that businesses are facing in Manitoba, and official greetings and a Q & A session with CPHR Manitoba’s Board Chair, Janice Harper, CPHR.

“Some of the results should give business and government cause for concern,” said Chuck Davidson, president, and CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. “Businesses are historically optimistic about their growth yet only 27% of respondents expect to increase their workforce in 2019. The cool forecast for growth points to the challenges highlighted in the survey to rising cost of doing business and the challenge of finding skilled workers.”

As the provincial government hits the midway point in its mandate, only 54% of respondents agree that Manitoba’s business climate is competitive with other provinces. Business leaders cited Reducing Red Tape (23%) Reducing business/payroll taxes (22%) and lowering taxes for consumers (15%) as suggestions to improve Manitoba competitiveness.

Harper talked about the number one challenge that businesses are facing – the hiring and retaining of quality talent in the workplace – and how organizations need a strategic partner at the table, who is educated, trained and abides by a Code of Ethics, to tend to its corporate culture, address workplace policies and attract and keep the right talent: and that’s a CPHR.

"The 2018 Manitoba Business Outlook Survey produced some intriguing results about challenges in the workplace. The number one challenge ranked amongst Manitoba Chamber members – the one that CPHR Manitoba members and Human Resources professionals see, experience and assess on a daily basis – is the hiring and retaining of quality talent in the workplace.

According to CPHR Manitoba’s most recent HR Trends Survey – forecasting trends in Manitoba and across Western Canada – the number one reason for employees to vacate their current positions is “for a better opportunity”. Let’s take a moment to think about what a “better opportunity” means to an individual: perhaps it’s a raise in salary, a chance for growth in a particular role, better benefits or more vacation time. These are what Human Resources professionals consider to be ‘bargaining chips’ in attracting quality talent. How about a change in workplace culture, a new chance for employee engagement, or a breakaway from a toxic environment? These underlining and significant details are at the heart of what Human Resources professionals face when working to retain quality talent.  

Corporate culture amongst other workplace issues in today’s society are just as important to address, handle and prioritize in your business as it is to hire the right people for your business. If we don’t focus on and strategize these areas accordingly, we are going to lose talent, workplace culture will suffer and challenges will still be unsolved.

To ensure that your organization is effectively tending to its corporate culture, addressing workplace policies and attracting and keeping the right talent, you need a strategic partner at your table who is educated, trained and abides by a Code of Ethics.

Our members at CPHR Manitoba abide by a Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct that sets out the ethical standard for the human resources profession and our Chartered Professionals in Human Resources designation. This national standard maps out ethical conduct, competent service and good character that all members of CPHR Manitoba must abide by. In turn, our members are sought out and recognized for our national standard for excellence in workplaces throughout Manitoba and across Canada.

CPHRs in Manitoba have the expertise, the best industry standards, the skills and experience to help employers address critical issues such as protecting the public from exposure to unnecessary risks, helping us attract and retain the talent we need, connecting business goals to job performance, ensuring we meet employment regulatory requirements, and enhancing leadership skills at all levels. They also strategically help employers grow through workforce management, innovation programs and accountability – all in an ethical, professional manner.

According to the Manitoba Business Outlook Survey, 86% of Manitoba Chamber members value that designated professionals abide by a Code of Ethics; however, 40% of the membership feels it’s important to hire a designated professional. And the number one workplace issue is hiring and retaining talent.

The solution to this problem is here and it’s simple: reinforce your value of designated professionals by hiring one. Bring a strategic partner to the table, who abides by the Code and can effectively strategize how to improve your workplace culture, enforce your workplace policies and retain your quality talent.

This first step may be the last one you need to take to ensure that your organizational needs are met and your talent is satisfied. Thank you."

CPHR Manitoba is a proud strategic partner with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce. The Association's presence at this event is a proactive measure behind its mission advance the human resources profession and drive business excellence. Harper's message is a direct reflection of CPHR Manitoba's strategic goal to obtain Self-regulation and an important message to employers across Manitoba. Organizations of all shapes and sizes need a strategic partner at the table who abides by the Code, strengthens culture, enforces policies and earns recognition as a HR professional and CPHR. 

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