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May 8, 2019  
Posted by: CPHR Manitoba

The 2019 Spring edition of the Manitoba HR Trends Report and Western Canada HR Trends Report have just been released and cover trending workplace issues that HR professionals are facing in Manitoba and throughout Western Canada, including Truth and Reconciliation, employee development versus turnover and performance management. 

These reports are divided into six key areas - Labour Market Forecast, Employee Development & Employee Turnover, Performance Management andTruth and Reconciliation – that benchmark industry issues and trends that human resources professionals can reference when making future talent management decisions.

This article summarizes and compares each area of the Manitoba and Western Canada HR Trends reports.

Labour Market Forecast

After a three-year downward trend, the hiring confidence index in Western Canada was rebounded; meanwhile, Manitoba’s hiring confidence continues to increase despite any negatives occurring in the other Western provinces.

 In Manitoba, two in five (41%) of organizations expect their headcount to grow in the first half of 2019 and 43% expect their number of employees to remain the same. Only 6% are predicting a net decrease in staff.

 The most common reasons for employers to lose staff are Resignation for a better opportunity and Resignation for personal reasons. This is a sign of strong economies and health labour markets in Manitoba and Western Canada because professionals are presented with better opportunities and employers can afford to hire them.

Employee Development and Turnover

Two-thirds of organizations in Western Canada are aware of what percentage of their budgeted expenses are allocated for learning and professional development; In Manitoba, one-in-five (19%) allocate at least 5% of their budget towards learning and development. Two-in-five (43%) expect to see an increase in their human resources budget for next year – including one-in-20, who expect to see an increase of 7% or more.

 For employee turnover, Manitoba organizations saw an average of 16.5% over the past year; the average voluntary turnover (12.9%) was higher than involuntary (9%).

 Nine-in-ten (89%) Manitoba organizations took one or more actions to reduce employee turnover. Better onboarding (53%) continues to be the most popular action and has increased from the same period last year. Other common actions include reviewing the organizational culture (38%), higher wages (33%), and flexible work arrangements (31%).


Performance Management

A strong majority (84%) of Western Canadian organizations have a formal performance review program; In Manitoba, nine-in-ten (88%) organizations have a formal performance review program.

 Throughout Manitoba and Western Canada, there is room for improvement in the effectiveness of management programs; In Manitoba, although two-thirds (66%) agree that their organization’s management program is effective, only 7% completely agree with this statement while 34% somewhat agree. 30% disagree with this statement as it applies to their organization.


Truth and Reconciliation

44% of Manitoba HR professionals consider themselves familiar with the fact that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report included specific Calls to Action for the business community; Less than one-quarter 23% work for an organization that acknowledges the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action – child welfare, education, language and culture, health, justice and equality.

 24% of Manitoba organizations currently have an Indigenous strategy for recruitment and an additional 11% are currently developing one. One-in-five either currently have or are developing Indigenous strategies for employee retention (19%) and professional development (19%) and/or engagement (18%).


HR Ratio

In Manitoba, organizations have an average of 142 employees for one HR professional.

  • 21% of organizations have one HR professional for 200 employees
  • 34%  for one HR professional per 100 employees
  • 24% for one HR professional to 50 employees
  • 20% for one HR professional to until 50 employees


The Spring 2019 study was conducted by Insights West on behalf of CPHR British Columbia & Yukon, CPHR Alberta, CPHR Saskatchewan and CPHR Manitoba. The survey was conducted between November 26 to December 23, 2018. Members under each provincial association were invited to take part via email – resulting in 1,106 responses. Respondents ranged in what sector, size of workplace and professional title they represented.

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