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MentorCity: an online community for Mentors and Mentees

May 22, 2019  

Written by CPHR Manitoba

As featured in the Spring 2019 Edition of HRmatters


CPHR Manitoba members have the opportunity to join the Professional Mentorship Program (PMP). The PMP runs from September to April each year and participants spend two to four hours each month interacting and working with their partner. Whether you’re entering your career or have a seasoned resume of accomplishments behind your name, the PMP has space for everyone to communicate, enhance their skills and grow their professional networks.

To create fluidity in communication, simplicity in scheduling and creativity in ways to connect and work together, CPHR Manitoba has introduced the online platform MentorCity to house the PMP and the mentoring relationships. This program is accessible 24/7, syncs to your Outlook or Google calendar and comes with a library of tools and resources that you can learn from and incorporate into your work.

Shawn Mintz, President of MentorCity, has had a life-long passion for helping others; he developed MentorCity to connect individuals who are interested in helping one another as a Mentor or Mentee and being a part of a supportive community of emerging and established professionals.

“MentorCity is a program that matches you to a member and helps you both throughout your journey in the Professional Mentorship Program,” says Mintz. “In your profile, you can communicate what skills you are specialized in and wish to develop further with your mentor. This information will help CPHR Manitoba match you accordingly with a suited candidate who compliments your skills.”

Once the pairing has been established, you’ll work together to develop an agreement that collectively determines how your mentorship relationship will play out. This includes goal-setting and scheduling while creating transparency in your partnership.

MaryAnn Kempe, FCPHR, Chief Human Resources Officer with Birchwood Auto Group, is a major advocate for CPHR Manitoba’s Professional Mentorship Program and its use of MentorCity.

“MentorCity is a great program to connect members who live in different cities, have different time schedules and want to support one another in their journey to advancement,” says Kemp. “The technology is user-friendly, easy to understand and an effective channel of communication when you can’t meet in-person. It supports the mentor/mentee relationship, creates a platform for progress in the mentorship relationship and a chance to collaborate on issues and accelerate progress in a modern setting.”

Once you’re registered with MentorCity, you’re a part of a supportive community enriched with tools that will enhance your learning experiences and open new doors for opportunities. In the resources tab, you’ll find a long list of resources that focus on relationship-building, improving best practices, and being a successful mentor/mentee. And in your personal profile, you have a platform to communicate who you are, what area(s) you wish to develop, and your meeting city and preferences.

Brittany Enns, Manager of Human Resources with RAPID RTC, has been in CPHR Manitoba’s Professional Mentorship Program for three years – two as a mentee and recently as a mentor. This past year, she went into the program as a mentor and used the MentorCity program.

“MentorCity is a huge step in the right direction,” says Enns. “It’s nice to see CPHR Manitoba utilizing this digital platform for the mentorship program – from a communications aspect, my mentee and I have a record of all our conversations, we have our listed resources and invites to upcoming events with CPHR Manitoba all in one spot.”

CPHR Manitoba will be taking applications for the 2019-2020 PMP in June 2019. There is a $75 fee for mentees to register for the program; mentor registrations are free. To learn more about CPHR Manitoba’s Professional Mentorship Program, visit or contact Madison Takeuchi, Events & Program Coordinator, at or 204-943-0885.

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