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Human Capital- Four Priorities for Sustainable Economic Performance in Canada

May 7, 2020  

CPHR/CRHA Canada strives to influence public policies and human resources practices within

organizations of all sizes by taking a public stand on work‑related social issues in order to

become an authoritative voice for government, employers and stakeholders.


The four briefing papers contained in this document continue in the path of offering first‑hand, high quality, evidence‑based information and reporting that is timely and relevant.


The papers were created in collaboration with l’Ordre des CRHA which, through its regulated mandate to protect the public, has been a strong advocate to enable each individual to thrive in a healthy, collaborative and innovative work environment and propel organizations through digital and societal transformation.


CPHR Canada believes strongly that the health of workplaces and the efficiency of labour markets in Canada are critical not just for the success of our economy, but are fundamental to the quality of life of all Canadians. Simply put, steps to address the issues we are raising can improve Canadians’ financial, physical and emotional well‑being.


The papers focus on psychological health and safety in the workplace and issues relating to diversity and inclusion. They also addressing issues of importance to all Canadians and Canadian businesses by looking at labour market flexibility and skills shortages.


CPHR Canada is looking to governments and specifically the federal government for leadership in addressing the issues raised in these papers.


Click here to read the four papers.

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