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CPHR Manitoba Updated the Complaints & Investigation Procedure

September 23, 2020  

A main pillar of our new strategic plan is focused on fostering public confidence in CPHRs. Public confidence reflects a general attitude toward CPHRs and may be considered a measure of performance. A large part of public confidence is focused on protecting the public from unethical and incompetent HR practices in the workplace. Public confidence also enhances the credibility of the designation.

As part of our effort to foster public confidence, CPHR Manitoba updated the complaints and investigation procedure, which resulted in the introduction of two new regulatory committees – Complaints and Investigation Committee and Discipline Committee – essentially dividing up the work of the former Professional Conduct Committee. The committees will include public representatives.

  • The Complaints and Investigation Committee exists to hear and investigate complaints, attempts to resolve them informally, and make decisions as to whether there is a breach to the CPHR Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • The Discipline Committee exists to review matters referred from the Complaints and Investigation Committee and holds hearings to make disciplinary decisions related to the findings.

This new process was introduced to continue to align the association with our application for self-regulation. Currently, CPHR Manitoba’s Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct (the Code) sets out the ethical standard for the human resources profession. The Code sets out ethical conduct, competent service and good character that all CPHRs and members of CPHR Manitoba must abide by. Self-regulation is provincial legislation that gives CPHRs the authority to uphold best HR practice in Manitoba workplaces - this is similar to the way other professions such as accountants, lawyers, and engineers must uphold their standards to maintain their designations. If we are successful in our application for self-regulation, it becomes the legal responsibility of the CPHR to ensure that these standards are maintained in their workplaces and the legal responsibility of CPHR Manitoba to investigate breaches.

If you have a concern or a complaint to address, you can make a formal complaint to the Complaints and Investigation Committee of CPHR Manitoba, care of the CPHR Manitoba CPHR Registrar. Click here for more information about the complaints process.

It is the responsibility of all members to uphold high standards in the way you work, the way you interact with others, and in how you provide the services you deliver to your organization or clients.

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