Our roots began in the fall of 1942, when a solution was needed to address the urgency of war and its impact on business. As a result, the University of Manitoba and the Dominion Department of Labour developed a wartime training course in Personnel Management. 

This initiative encouraged personnel executives to form a network to exchange information and valuable experiences. Established as The Personnel Association of Greater Winnipeg, this leading-edge business community held its first meeting in December 1943; the meeting attracted 60 people.

By the 1950s, our progressive Association established a national group called the Federation of Canadian Personnel Associations, which established university-based educational programs.

In the 1960s, behavioural sciences were emerging into management programs and, as a result, personnel and industrial relations journals and periodicals were published in the 1970s. 

Welcoming a shift in the theory of management, the 1980s transformed the name of the profession and it became "human resource management.” Keeping pace with the times, the Personnel Association of Greater Winnipeg changed its name to the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba Inc. (HRMAM) in 1984.

In July 1993, HRMAM took a bold step by developing a professional designation program called Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). The innovative program required applicants to meet demanding eligibility and recertification criteria and adhere to a professional Code of Ethics. At the end of 1993, the first CHRP certificates were presented at the 50th anniversary celebration of our Association.

Shortly thereafter, HRMAM became a founding member of the Canadian Council of Human Resource Associations (CCHRA). Established in 1994, CCHRA is a collaborative effort of provincial human resource associations from across Canada that represent over 30,000 professionals. CCHRA is Canada's first national human resource association and is the third largest HR association in the world.

In recognition of HRMAM’s commitment to excellence and growth on both local and national levels, the Manitoba Association of Learning Facilitators merged with HRMAM in 2000, further expanding the variety of HR fields included in HRMAM’s growing and increasingly diverse membership.

In 2003, coinciding with HRMAM's 60th anniversary, new national CHRP designation standards were adopted into one uniformed Canadian standard. The CHRP became the Canadian hallmark of excellence, a national certification process respected by many countries around the world.

In 2013, a Professional Practice Analysis (PPA) was conducted on a national scale, resulting in several recommendations for the future of the CHRP designation. Improvements to the CHRP were implemented in the years since to move the designation from a knowledge-based designation towards a competency-based designation. This includes the removal of the National Professional Practice Analysis (NPPA), the introduction of the Validation of Professional Experience (VPE) and additional routes to obtaining the CHRP designation.

In 2016, CHRP officially announced it would be transitioning into a new name and brand, CPHR Manitoba. In the course of one year, the 2017 Manitoba Leaders Index Survey, conducted by Probe Research, confirmed that one of three business leaders in Manitoba are aware of the CPHR designation, raising CPHR Manitoba’s brand awareness by 32%. This is a significant increase from 2014, when a national study pegged awareness of the CHRP amongst CEOs at only 3%.

In 2017, CPHR Manitoba reviewed eight and approved seven out of 10 post-secondary institutions in Manitoba, under the Accredited Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Program. These accredited HR programs meet the criteria of the CPHR Competency Framework and carry the “Accredited by CPHR Canada” status.

Then in 2018, CPHR Manitoba made an official submission for Self-regulation to the Province of Manitoba. This significant step has positioned Manitoba as a leading province that strengthens and supports the HR industry in Canada.

Today, CPHR Manitoba continues to drive the HR industry and CPHR designation in alignment with its mission and vision, to advance the Human Resources profession and drive business excellence.

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