Member Directory Use Policy

The information so collected is the sole property of CPHR Manitoba. Its use is restricted solely to members in good standing of CPHR Manitoba for the purpose of networking and communicating with each other on a one on one basis and for CPHR Manitoba to communicate with its members and to provide the Services. The information provided on or through this Site, and information about members made available to other members through this Site (“Member Directory”), may not be reproduced, copied, shared, loaned, distributed, or used in any manner or form whatsoever or by any means (graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or entering into an information database or retrieval systems) by any member (except to network and communicate with other CPHR Manitoba members) or by anyone else other than CPHR Manitoba for any purpose including, but not limited to: mass mailings, the promotion or sale of goods and/or services, solicitation, or distribution to any member or non-member, without the prior express written consent of CPHR Manitoba's Board of Directors. Any unauthorized use or disclosure of the information in the Member Directory is expressly prohibited. CPHR Manitoba's Board of Directors may, in its discretion, cancel the membership of any member who abuses the privilege of membership by inappropriate use or disclosure of the Member Directory or by otherwise violating these Terms and Conditions.

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