Being a Mentee

What is a Mentee?

A mentee is an active partner who guides the mentoring relationship, receiving advice, coaching, assistance and feedback from a more experienced person, resulting in the enhancement of the mentee's professional career and personal growth.

Qualities of a Mentee

In order to be successful in a mentoring program, mentees must meet the following criteria:

  • Be willing to be guided and have a desire to learn
  • Have a positive attitude and open mind
  • Have clear goals established and be internally motivated to learn

Mentee Benefits

Mentees receive career planning guidance and insight into employment trends in today’s workplace. They also discover what skills and technical preparation are required for success in their chosen field. Mentees will find a wealth of information that will help them become better employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the professional field they choose.

  • Learn from someone with a similar educational background who has similar interests
  • Explore potential career paths, career goals, and advancement strategies
  • Obtain a realistic understanding of what their chosen career path entails
  • Prepare for career growth and career transition
  • Gain insight into developing corporate strategy and meeting difficult challenges
  • Increase your confidence to deal with challenges and take on new tasks and roles
  • Enhance your goal setting skillset and work towards achieving them
  • Meet professional role models through mentorship events
  • Expand your network
  • Begin personal development in the areas of social, personal, and professional skills
  •  Gain a fresh perspective
  • CPHR members can earn up to 10 CPD hours per year for participating in the program

Role of the Mentee

  • Actively participate in the Professional Mentorship Program for the full duration of the program; a period of eight-months (September - April)
  • Treat your mentor as a professional colleague
  • Initiate contact with your mentor and guide the mentoring relationship
  • Commit to and respect the relationship and the meeting times that are set
  • Prepare for each meeting with an agenda and relevant questions for discussion
  • Be open and clear with your mentor about your expectations of the mentoring relationship
  • Be willing to be coached. Ask for and receive feedback in a non-defensive manner
  • Keep an open mind and be ready to learn from your mentor’s experiences
  • Communicate with the Program Coordinator about the successes or problems you are experiencing 
  • If a relationship reaches an end before the eight-months, it is expected that the mentee close off the relationship in a professional manner and under the direction of the Program Coordinator

Mentees are encouraged to refrain from requesting internship positions or job offers from mentors.

Please note that the CPHR Manitoba Professional Mentoring Program is meant to link established human resources professionals with students, emerging HR practitioners and HR professionals looking to transition into new fields of interest and is not intended to be used for job placement. If you are looking for HR positions, please review our Job Board for the multiple opportunities available there. Networking events are also a great way to meet HR professionals who might be looking to fill future positions.


There is a $75 annual fee for Mentees to participate in the program.


How to Apply

Follow the link below and fill out the preliminary registration form. CPHR Manitoba will review your registration and invite you to join our online MentorCity community. Here you will create your profile which will be used to match you with a partner. 

Registration closes August 7, 2019. Matches will be communicated in August 2019.



What previous Mentees had to say about the program:

"I was paired up with a mentor who understood my career goals and was very much willing to put in the time to help me out achieve them."

"My experience was just excellent. My mentor took the time to get to know and she really understood me. She was able to provide me solid advice and also just listen when it was needed. She has helped me to regain my confidence and is my trusted colleague."

"The mentorship program gives me opportunity to relate with a senior colleague in HR profession and to know my expectations while working as HR Practitioner."

“I was exposed to a new way of thinking and made a connection within the HR community.”


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