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CPHR/CRHA Canada strives to influence public policies and human resources practices within organizations of all sizes by taking a public stand on work-related social issues in order to become an authoritative voice for government, employers and stakeholders.

The four briefing papers contained in this document continue in the path of offering first-hand, high quality, audience-based information and reporting that is timely and relevant.

These papers were created in collaboration with l'Ordre des CRHA, which focus on psychological health and safety in the workplace and issues relating to diversity and inclusion. The papers also address issues of importance to all Canadians and Canadian businesses by looking at labour market flexibility and skills shortages.

We are looking to governments and specifically the federal government for leadership in addressing the issues raised in these papers.

Human Capital - Four Priorities for Sustainable Economic Performance in Canada



CPHR Canada and the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world's largest HR professional society that represents over 300,000 members, have collaborated to bring greater understanding around the integration of technology in the workplace.

Over the last decade, technology has evolved drastically and rapidly. Consequently, the way businesses operate is fundamentally changing. While technology was once just a division within an organization, today it is a strategic need that permeates all levels and functions. Very soon, it will become impossible to be strategic in HR without being highly competent in the fundamental mechanics and relevant laws associated with work-related technologies.

The drive to understand and utilize new technologies arises from an increased demand for:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Innovation
  • Talent Management
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Employee Experience
  • Well-being

Demystifying Technology in the Workplace report

Demystifying Technology in the Workplace presentation



CPHR Canada member associations participated in a national survey in the fall of 2016 to measure:

  • HR salaires, benefits, and other compensation; 
  • Job responsibilities;
  • Acquisition and benefit of the CPHR designation; and 
  • Professional development activities.

A total of 14,643 human resources professionals were invited to participate in the study from the following provinces and territories:

  • British Columbia & Yukon (CPHR British Columbia & Yukon)
  • Alberta (CPHR Alberta)
  • Northwest Territories(CPHR Alberta)
  • Nunavut (CPHR Alberta)
  • Saskatchewan (CPHR Saskatchewan)
  • Manitoba (CPHR Manitoba)
  • Nova Scotia (CPHR Nova Scotia)
  • New Brunswick (CPHR New Brunswick)
  • Prince Edward Island (CPHR Prince Edward Island) 
  • Newfoundland & Labrador (CPHR Newfoundland & Labrador)

National Salary Survey: National Report
*file is quite large and may take time to open

National Salary Survey: CPHR Manitoba Report
*file is quite large and may take time to open

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