Standard of Conduct

By virtue of membership with CPHR Manitoba, all members agree to abide by the following standard of conduct:

  • Promote and uphold the profession of Human Resource Management and support the goals and objectives of CPHR Manitoba, and
  • Abide by all the by-laws and published policies of CPHR Manitoba

Conflict of Interest

Avoid all actual and apparent conflicts of interest and, if in doubt, seek guidance and direction from the Chief Executive Officer of CPHR Manitoba.


Refrain from taking personal advantage, benefit, special privilege, or divulge confidential information gained from being a member or holding a position of trust with CPHR Manitoba.

Professional Competence

When discharging the responsibilities of an HR practitioner, do so with integrity, honesty and diligence. Support, provide, and apply the principles of human rights, equity, dignity, and respect in the workplace and maintain competence in the performance of professional responsibilities.

Ratified September 13, 2005

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Manitoba (CPHR Manitoba)
1810-275 Portage Avenue / Winnipeg, Manitoba / R3B 2B3
tel. 204.943.2836 / fax. 204.943.1109 / email.

For additional information please visit: CPHR.CA

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